…what the hell

can i just say bell is the worst company in the entire world lol.
i got around to calling them today about when my contract was over. i swore it was over a while ago so i was like why am i still paying the bill for this stupid thing. i called and they were like “oh yeah it was over april 7th” ………okay so like what why did i not get a letter in the mall about it being over. so i still have to pay another bill even though i haven’t even been using the damn thing (my freakin’ bill is $116 and i haven’t touched it). am i the only one who thinks i should have gotten a notice in the mail like a week before it was over or something?! they were like “well if you got in a car accident and your contract was over and you didn’t know an couldn’t call someone, we’d be in trouble” lol smd bell. if i got into an accident and couldn’t call you’d say it was my own fault for not knowing my contract was over. i’m going into bell tomorrow to yell at them for screwing me over lol neverrrrr everrrrr getting a bell phone again.

  1. freetogetfit said: It happens with every company. You literally have to go in there and cancel it yourself, because most people don’t notice their plan has gone over and it just keeps going until you change phones/upgrade.
  2. al0ha-beauty said: BELL SUCKS! But I have to stay semi loyal to them because they’re employed my grandpa for 637262 years.
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