went to the beach today to celebrate the long weekend :)
didn’t end up going swimming though since the lake was still pretty chilly! we drove down spooky hallow road which is definitely creepier then it looks in that second photo haha. then we stopped and got ice cream on the way home. cotton candy is the besttttt by the way. i haven’t had it in so so long. today was a good day! everything healthy except the ice cream.

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  3. yourloveissuperfluous said: I feel like I’ve asked you this before but what kind of camera do you have? P.s. you take beautiful photos! :) Do you use photoshop or anything? Sorry i’m so curious ^^ swear I’m not trying to be creepy.
  4. tomakemyselfstronger said: You seem to never want to treat yourself.. Right now when I read this post, it sounded like you feel guilty for eating ice cream.
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