i just got very sad all the sudden when i remembered that i’m turning 20 this year, TWENTY freakin’ TWENTY YEARS OLD. okay it’s not until november so i still have a little teen left in me but still. i don’t understand i still feel like i’m 15 years old or something. this all came to me when i was talking with my mom about vancouver next year and she told me when she moved out she was like 21 or 22 and i’m like well no i can’t wait that long! until i realized hello i’ll be moving out when i am 20 and turning 21 a few short months after that… ew.

  1. clairegetsawesome said: duuuude, i KNOW. i’m turning 20 in august and it blows my mind.
  2. monstermadeoftea said: I turn 21 in 11 days and feel like I should just now be turning 18. Ugh
  3. healthylivingholly said: i moved to vancouver when i was 19 to go to school. i’m moving back home (vancouver island) in a month, thank god, and i’m 20 now!
  4. dandiey said: I`m just the opposite… I`m 14 but I forget that I`m not an adult.
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    20 isn’t so bad, I am going to be 27 this year, might seem really old to you, but I am proud to be turning 27 not...
  6. justt-believe-in-yourself said: I’m 20 in august…. not happy!
  7. blondegirlfit said: I’m turning 20 in exactly a week. fml
  8. panda122891 said: don’t worry. i had a mini heart attack when i turned twenty. lol. it’s like you realize life is just getting more realistic by the minute and your childhood is practically gone and you’re just left with the memories,
  9. thathealthyveggiekid said: scary isnt it? i’m turning 19 in 2 days :/ i’m basically partially moved out already :/
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