which one do you like more? first or second one?
send me a message with a number or reply to this if you can!
tumblr won’t let me enabled answers for this -.-

  1. fortetsain said: I love the second one! amazing :D
  2. weightliftingandribbons said: the 2nd one, i love the light there (:
  3. learntobreathelove said: i also couldn’t decide between the two so i took it to my boyfriend, who rekons the 2nd one, hands down :)
  4. timetravellingbunny said: second
  5. herfavoriteworstnightmare said: the second one :)
  6. jadelawless said: second!
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  9. waterwithinme said: The second one!
  10. adventuresandbarbells said: 2 !
  11. extrarforreal said: I like 2 because you can actually see the sun through the branches of the trees.
  12. everythings-a-memory said: second :)
  13. megan-e-farr said: The second one :)
  14. heallthyeverafter said: first one !
  15. livingachristianlife said: 2nd def! It’s brighter and you can actually be seen :)
  16. macaronsandmimosas said: First!
  17. ah-leah said: second!
  18. thepretty-recklessrebel said: second!
  19. angiengoo said: second =]
  20. genesis21-6 said: 1!
  21. thewastedgeneration said: first! i love them both tho <333
  22. lonely-swan said: I like the second one better, because it’s brighter. They’re both pretty :)
  23. whoaitsmelissaa said: first one. i could totally see the first one being like the cover of a novel or cd. the second one is nice too though (:
  24. lift-heavy-live-healthy said: the 2nd one!!
  25. onwardmydear said: They’re both wonderful but I like the second one a bit more :)
  26. emeraldyost said: First first first! :)
  27. squatslikeagirl said: the second one!
  28. say-supremacy said: the second one :)
  29. howlsmovingcastle said: 2
  30. love-body-spirit said: I think I like the second one more. It’s more colorful(:
  31. noordinarysong said: I like the first one the most! :) But they’re both beautiful!
  32. sexpooping said: second!
  33. infinitely-infantile said: the second one. :)
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