Anonymous asked: are you worried about working at that bakery just because the junk food is riiigggght there? i know i'd be. but congrats though!

kind of :( i’m hoping they don’t have like left over cookies, pastries, etc at the end of each shift to take home haha. otherwise i’d have to buy the things and i know i’m not going to. i think it’ll be hard at first but if i can be fine with all the junk in my house i think i’ll manage. thank you though!

  1. makemyselfstronger said: I’m going to say this, live a little.. Seriously, if they had cookies there I would have half a one or split one with someone so I don’t deprive myself and enjoy myself.. It’s not going to mess up anything..
  2. slimming-girl said: I work in a bakery and after spending all day cooking/looking at the stuff, I do not want to eat that shit.
  3. shedfatgainconfidence said: Oh yes if you work at closing there’s lots to take home. My uncle used to bring home like 4 pies and a bunch of muffins when he worked at Coco’s. Congratulations by the way!
  4. toolatetodieyoungg said: I work at a Bakery myself, and although I am sometimes tempted, being around all of it all day and seeing what is put into all the cookies and stuff turns me off of it, we’re not allowed to eat the goodies anyways, only if we buy them so I leave my money at home! Stay strong…
  5. runninsane said: I’m applying to work in a candy shop but everything has eggs and dairy so I won’t have any options XD
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