Anonymous asked: My ultimate goal is 100 lbs. I'm 104, and nothing seems to be working. I'm a vegetarian I work out everyday. Nothing works. Help!

i feel like these are vanity pounds you want to lose. you don’t need to lose that 4lbs you just want to be 100lbs for the number, or for other reasons other then your health i’m sure. if you can’t seem to lose any more weight chances are you’re not suppose to be 100lbs. it’s no big deal because the number does not even matter at all. no one needs to see that number besides you or maybe your doctor. you aren’t automatically going to love your body when you hit 100lbs, so love it now!

  1. purlsofwisdom said: she’d had to be pretty short and small of frame to have any sort of healthy weight around 100! be safe, Anon!
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