Anonymous asked: is it necessary to do workouts like from the p90x or insanity programs to get into shape? I know they work, but do you know any other workouts that don't call for having the dvds? I like running for a reason, it's because I can listen to my own music, have less distractions (like the trainers' voices), enjoy the fresh air, and still work my butt off. But I know I can't just run... so do you know any routines that are easy to memorize, that I can still do lots of reps of and at a face pace?

no! not at all. i personally am not a fan of workouts like that or 30DS at all just because i get so bored with the repetitions. i know i recommend these girls all the time but i’m such a fan of tone it up and blogilate videos on youtube! they upload new ones constantly so you’re never bored and they’re actually fun to do yet still a good work out. i think some of them you could memorize the routines but some are a bit longer. here are the links to them!

  1. sarsoura-blog said: Another good site is! They post new workouts every day and it’s a lot of fun :)
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