ew what

facebook is becoming even MORE stalkerish as if it isn’t already bad enough…
you can now star up to 10 people to be your “favourites” and you get their status’, wallposts, new uploads, etc as notifications ANDDDD they don’t know you’ve starred them. i favourited a couple best friends because i just figured it would show them more on my newsfeed or something nope it’s a whole ‘nother level of creepy. i feel like i should be jailed for stalking or something aha.

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  3. orangeoctobermoons said: I thought the same (that I’d see their posts more). NOPE. Got status updates sent straight to my phone. Creepy.
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  5. justonebreathatatime said: Haha omgosh. I’ve actually been considering deactivating that for a while now. :O
  6. gainsforgotham said: I don’t like that in FB chat if they’ve read your message it says “Seen (enter time here)”… because then when they don’t respond it’s a double ouchie.
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