"obsessed is what the lazy called the dedicated"
does anyone else hate this quote? it just kind of bothers me. maybe i’m just looking too far into it, i don’t know… but there’s a difference between being obsessed and dedicated. there is such a thing as being too obsessed with healthy eating and exercising! it’s called orthorexia. you can be dedicated and still not eat 100% perfect, or have great workouts all the time. that doesn’t mean you aren’t dedicated it means you’re good at balancing healthy and treating yourself. obsessed is being afraid to eat any junk food, freaking out majorly about missing workouts, not wanting to eat out ever, skipping on hangouts with friends because they don’t eat the healthiest, etc. make sure you aren’t falling into the obsessed category. it can be just as mentally damaging as any other eating disorder.

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    Yes! This is another one of those “inspirational” quotes that bother me.
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    I’m so glad someone said something about that quote, because I always want to throw my two cents in but feel stupid. I...
  8. letitcome-and-letitbe said: OMG, THANK YOU! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS
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    I agree with this…sometimes it’s a fine line between dedication and obsession…but there’s definitely a difference. At...
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  12. healthyladylumps said: The way I interrperted it was for instance when a negative person try to make me feel bad and tells me I’m too obsessed b/c I’m at the gym 5 times a week, or when I order salad over a burger, but I can see your POV.
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    Reblogging with the comment I made on the post just so my followers can see this. I definitely agree whole heartedly. I...
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    Same. I have the same problem with quotes like: "Sorry I can’t, I’ll be at the gym" "Gymaholic" "Exercise is a positive...
  15. coconut-booty said: I don’t like it either, because people really do become obsessed and yeah. I don’t like it :B
  16. faithhealthlife said: I had these same exact thoughts last week when I stumbled across a picquote.
  17. thathealthyveggiekid said: i honestly think that this was generated by the pro-anakind of blogs (maybe not but it seems that way sometimes) and i think what you said is incredibly vaalid :)
  18. d00rmouse said: I definitely agree whole heartedly. I have a hard time with orthorexic tendencies and I know how hard it is. Dedicated is way different. There isn’t as much anxiety tied up in it.
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