oh god what evennnnnnnnn
sorry but when you’re spreading lies around to all your clearly impressionable followers, it’s not such a “teeny thing”. not everyone knows enough to do their own research before reading things. by making posts like, “this is bad for you *when it isn’t*”, “carbs make you fat”, “boys will love you if you lose weight i get so much attention now”, etc they’ll believe you. you’re not the only one reading your blog. some young girls who come across it could start avoiding this, doing that. you’re leading them down a dangerous road. sorry but avoiding EVERYTHING that isn’t 100% healthy is not healthy. it’s okay to eat fucking greasy white pizza every once in a while. if you want a sprinkle of brown sugar on your oats in the morning, do it. calories, carbs, fat, sugar, all of that is not the enemy. some blogs just aren’t as healthy as they claim to be.


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    This is perfect!! This is for the people who message me and tell me I’m not healthy because I eat pizza and quesadillas…...
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    LOLOLOL @ this. I love this.
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  7. size10plz said: I’m eating a pizza now, I eat carbs every day, and I have a boyfriend who loves me even if I’m over weight. I’m a living contradiction to their bullshit.
  8. cherrublossoms said: yes definitely, in the past I only ate the foods I considered “safe” and avoided everything else. That really limited the foods I could eat and made me lose motivation to continue eating healthy, fast.
  9. justkeepbreathing831 said: i should probably log off too lol
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