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i just binged. after being binge free since freakin’ september 7th, i binged. i can’t say i didn’t see this coming… it’s 2:30am and i’m up freaking out over going to work tomorrow and i think that’s why i did it. this whole ordeal is stressing me out and i just kind of want to stay in bed until it’s over lol. so much for being completely over binging like i thought i was. not going to let this upset me too much because i know stress causes binges for me. it’s kind of embarrassing to admit, especially getting so many messages congratulating me on being binge free so long but this blog is mainly for myself and no journey is going to be perfect. hey i’m proud of actually going that long without binging! here’s to doing it again but this time for even longer. i’m going to go drink a glass of water, read a chapter or two, and sleep this off. not going to turn this back in a cycle. JUST NEED TO STAY POSITIVE! 

  1. timetravellingbunny said: Forgive yourself! Nobody is perfect :)
  2. summertimeblue said: Sending love and support your way :)
  3. seeklight said: Just put it behind you and eat normally. It happens sometimes :)
  4. getting-fit-one-day-at-a-time said: Congratulations on not letting one slip take you down <3
  5. runstretchpump said: *HUG* STAY STRONG AND POSITIVE! You’ve done extremely well so far, don’t let one slip-up mess it all up for you babe!
  6. stormnightstories said: i love that you’re honest about it x
  7. inezis said: Stay strong <3! You have inspired so many people including me :) you can do this I believe in you this is the beginning again of being binge free
  8. running-to-half-crazy said: hey it happens (: smile, look back and laugh at yourself, and move on and don’t let it upset you. everyone binges sometimes!
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