Anonymous asked: who do you want to win xfactor???

oh i don’t know i don’t even like that show really haha. i first watched it a couple nights ago. i feel like it’s too… like people bring up their past too much and the judges are influenced and feel bad so they let them through haha. like when someone has a really sad life a lot of people instantly think “omg i want them to go through” even before you hear them sing! maybe they should tell their “story” after singing. some of them didn’t have amaaazing voices but got to go through anyways. OH AND THAT POOR DON PHILIP GUY. i think that whole thing was staged. not only was he not as terrible as they said he was but i’m sure it was just for drama~ ratings.

i think my favourites are jannel garcia (spelling idk but the pat benatar girl. awkward dancing but good voice), that 13 year old carly girl was UHMAZING, …i can’t remember anymore because i’m getting mixed up with this and the voice people hahaha. it’s also hard to judge when they’ve only done one song.