Anonymous asked: I know exactly how you feel about drifting away from friends. I lost ALL of them this year. I'm taking a year off before going to college but my 'so' called friends have been treating me like crap. It's like I don't matter to them at all. The old me used to cry about it but I've moved on. I know I'll find a good group when I move away for college. Besides, I hate partying lol and that's all that they like anyway. I'm sure you'll find some great friends soon Take care <3

yup it’s a huge bummer. they find new friends and they kind of replace you with them even though you’re supposed to be best friends. it used to really upset me but i think i’m either a) getting used to it or b) like you said know i’ll find new friends eventually. just gotta tough it out for a bit haha. thank you <3

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