Anonymous asked: what are some cheap healthy foods to buy? i'm on a college budget and having a hard time

assume you have access to a fridge/oven/microwave and all that
- eggs! / you can make tons of different things with eggs, scrambled, add a hard boiled to salads, frittata, etc. i definitely always keep them around.
- whole wheat pasta / endless combinations
- brown rice / you can make stir fry, add it to soup, stuff it into a pepper, etc.
- canned tuna packed in water
- beans (especially dry beans because there’s less sodium)
- oatmeal / super filling and cheap. you get a lot of servings in a bag! try to just buy a plain bag of oats rather then those single serving microwave packages. it’s cheaper to do that.
- potatoes / cheap, easy to make and there’s a lot of ways to enjoy them. sweet potatoes are the best!
- spinach or kale / i don’t know how cheap this is.. depending on where you are i suppose. i can get them pretty cheap where i live though. really healthy and healthier for salads than romaine!
- peanut butter / good fat and you can do a lot with it.
- raw nuts / sometimes they can be expensive but sometimes i find a really good price on them
- broccoli / it’s usually around $1.50 a bunch here and i’ll use it for stir fry or i’ll roast it.
- now that fall is here squashes and pumpkins! / baking with pumpkin is delicious and amazingly healthy. butternut squash is my favourite and you can get a lot of servings out of them. spaghetti squash is awesome for making “spaghetti” with (

i hope this is somewhat helpful. junk food may LOOK cheaper but you get a lot more for your money when you buy healthy foods (nutrition and taste wise).

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  4. runningrecipesramblings said: Another good tip would be go with what is in season! Berries are dirt cheap in the summer, while squashes and many veggies are cheaper in the winter! Don’t buy corn in February, for instance :)
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