random question of the day

what’s your favourite thing about fall? :)
since it’s tomorrow saturday! so excited.


  1. taylormulholland answered: flannels<3
  2. yingme answered: <3
  3. jotaeeneene answered: drinking hot teas, lattes, and wearing cardigans :)
  4. weightliftingandribbons answered: the colours. except i live in a big city and there aren’t many trees and parks…
  5. dr1vemys0ul answered: the colors changing, the perfect time to play lights <3
  6. darkchie answered: the weather
  7. mbo-blogslife answered: pumpkin flavored things
  8. wallisontumbles answered: everything is pumpkin, apple, or cinnamon flavored. OMNOMNOMNOM
  9. fitdiariesss said: pumpkin everything.
  10. green-eyed-girl777 answered: the smell of burning fire places and changing leaves :D
  11. oneofthe20percent answered: it gets cooler, that means I can run in the afternoon possibly (in tx its hot)
  12. size10plz answered: halloween things are available :D
  13. thewastedgeneration answered: the colours!!!! and the scarves/layers :)
  14. ciselurecourtney said: the clothing, the scenery just how the leaves have fallen and it’s so many different colors, everything pumpkin or pumpkin spice, the weather, and the holidays! It’s amazing and beautiful :D
  15. teenytinythighs answered: Jeggings and boots. Oh and pumpkin everything!
  16. adventuresandbarbells said: Pumpkin pie from scratch. Carving pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, more pie, pie, pie…
  17. diaryofacomebackqueen answered: leaves and pumpkins.
  18. p0sitivevibesonly answered: apple picking and haunted houses!!
  19. carogetsfit answered: pumpkin EVERYTHING. and the weather!
  20. mind-yourself answered: the clothes
  21. brand-new-mindset answered: going to the pumpkin patch! hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin picking…the whole experience is just so autumn. and I adore it.
  22. raspberryfairy answered: Halloween
  23. tobefitforme answered: boots, jeans, tea, rosy cheeks, crunchy leaves, hiking weather, sweaterssweaterssweaters, & scarves <3333333333333333333333333
  24. bonesawmd88 answered: Leaves and warm Starbucks drinks :)
  25. nonchalantnomad answered: sweaters!
  26. pearlsandoctopi answered: The changing color of the leaves <3
  27. kaittea answered: LEAVES CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH
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