Anonymous asked: hey there! so im a girl and im gay. im out to my friends and parents. but, when im with my friends i feel like they are not totally okay with, or comrfortable with it. whenever i talk about a girl i just feel like what they hear is "gay gay gay" i feel like they think im constantly bringing up my sexuality when im not, im simply talking about a girl i think is cute. im not sure how to go about this.

talk to them? just tell them you don’t think they’re actually comfortable with who you are. if they continue to be all weird around you when you talk about something in your life then you need to find some new friends!

  1. thedamagedyouth said: I have this problem too. If you feel like they’re not comfortable with who you are, then you shouldn’t have them in your life! Surround yourselves who love you because that’s what you (and everyone) deserves!
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