wait what… rihanna tweeted “best wishes” to chris brown for his court appearance. has she forgotten exactly why he is in court to begin with?! this girl is crazy and sad. i’m all about forgiving but not forgetting. what about setting an example for the young girls who look up to her? yeah go back to your boyfriend who beat your ass smh such a good example…

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  3. kateispinupstrong said: Maybe it was more of a smart ass meaning, and not an actual well wish?
  4. sunnyinwisconsin said: not only did he beat the shit out of her, he left her for dead on the curb like a hobo
  5. apple-pie-moonshine said: She just doesn’t have positive influences like Miranda Lambert in her life. Her reaction would be ALOT different than what it is : His fist is big but my gun’s bigger He’ll find out when I pull the trigger
  6. anna-is-aware said: i hope she was being sarcastic!
  7. strongb0nes said: yea wtf!! she’s gotta be crazy. He literally beat the shit out of her, wtf i’d never forgive for that. maybe she was being sarcastic?
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