Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I ask you a question. I am joining a gym and my friend told me to join her for bodypump and body combat (les mills) classes and I am kinda scared because I don' tknow if I will be able to keep up. Do you know how intense those gym classes are? I have never been. I am doing the 30 day shred and it's going good (level 2 now) but I feel like those classes are a lot harder and longer and I will look redic..

i have no idea what those classes are haha.
posting just in case anyone else knows!

  1. motivationjunkee said: my gym also offers classes similar to this. all i can say is its probably right on par with the 30 day shred. i guarantee if your friend can do it, so can you. why don’t you ask her how difficult she thinks it is ?
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