keurig or tassimo?

i won’t be buying one until boxing day (when they’ll probably be on sale) but just wondering about your opinions! this is coming up randomly because tim hortons just got tassimo cups in today haha.

  1. goodgolly-molly said: I have a keurig and I love it! It’s really simple and takes so little time! And there are so many k-cup varieties and flavors.
  2. littlemistakes answered: Heard a lot of good stuff about Keurig, also it’s Dutch for ‘neat’.
  3. healthyhousewife answered: keurig!
  4. heathermeetshealth said: Idk what tassimo is but the keurig is great!! I use it for the water for my oatmeal and it’s pretty convenient!!
  5. fitmehealthymebeautifulme answered: Keurig for sure!!
  6. inspirationote said: I am completely addicted to my keurig!
  7. lindseylostandfound answered: keurig i love my keurig
  8. princess-cornbread answered: I haven’t had a Keurig, but my Tassimo broke within a few months so don’t get one
  9. tomakemyselfstronger answered: KEURIG! I LOVE mine. :)
  10. here-comes-the-suns answered: keurig. you can make so many different kinds of drinks.
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