my supervisor from work is taking me to her church not this sunday, but the next. i’m really looking forward to it. i haven’t been to church since i was probably 13? but i’ve been reading the bible lately and was talking to her tonight about it and she asked me if i wanted to go. me and her share a lot of the same beliefs so i’m really looking forward to it!

life has been good lately :)

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just had a really good workout.
let go of a lot of anger i had inside. dusted off my weights (literally) and went on the elliptical. wanted to run but it’s pretty icy outside.

going to start taking my health more seriously again. no more donuts daily, skipping meals, eating plenty if fruits&vegs, cutting the huge amount of bread and pasta i’ve been consuming, getting back into running, etccccc. i’d like to lose some weight before california in april so time to kick some ass!

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i’ve had a relatively healthy day so far :)
(minus the cinnamon raisin bagel i quickly ate for breakfast because i didn’t give myself enough time before work) but hey no overeating and i’ve ate plenty of fruits and veggies already. i’m roasting a chicken with herbs for super for the family. along with roasted broccoli and then probably some rice or quinoa on the side too.

finally bought a new winter jacket after using the same american eagle one for years. it wasn’t even a warm coat at all. i found one at sport chek and it was on sale for $100 off omg. it’s a columbia 3in1 jacket. i tried on a north face and fell in love but $350 and it’s not like i’m outside snowboarding a lot or anything so it wasn’t worth it. plus the columbia one will be plenty warm.

i finished work at 1pm and i’m exhausted. i’ve worked 6 days in a row so far and don’t have a day off until wednesday so it kind of sucks lol but oh well i like that i get offered extra shifts all the time. extra money so i can’t complain. basically i’m doing nothing the rest of the day except i’m going to go on a run later on for sure since i haven’t these past couple days because of my 1-11pm shifts ew.

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i think i’ve decided i want to work abroad somewhere late next year/early 2015 (omg 2015wut). i have always wanted to live in another country even just for a short period of time and i feel like now is the best time to do it. when you’re young! ever since my cousin told me about her work&travel experience in australia i’ve wanted to go. i don’t even know what i want to do about school. i know when i’m older i want to work in hospitality/tourism so i feel like working abroad would be perfect to start with.

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it’s a little after noon and so far today i…
- woke up at 6:00am
- had a pretty healthy breakfast. everything A+ minus the iced coffee because i know it was probably high in sugar BUT THAT’S OKAY.
- got a good workout in! my first one in a while.
- made a workout calendar to motivate myself
- had oatmeal for lunch
- packed my supper for work
- kept hydrated

so far september is going good! let’s make this day 2 of eating healthy.

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you know what i’m going to go make my food for work tomorrow!
i will not give in to the timbits and other junk because i will be prepared with snacks for the first time in so long. when i don’t bring food to work that is when i cave into junk.

i think i might make egg salad???? half greek yogurt/half mayo because i tried full greek once and it was eh haha.


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stop eating like shit and exercise.
seriously all i need to do is eat healthy for a few days then it becomes easy again. same with exercise. i don’t know what it is but this summer i’ve just been extremely lazy with my diet and exercise. in the morning instead of having oatmeal or eggs i’ve been having cereal LOL. which is not a bad choice really i guess but not as healthy as i could be. exercise i’ll do really good with for like a week but then i stop for no reason.


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i have decided to become a happier person.
i feel like i’ve been SO negative these past few months (or years).

- dropping every grudge i have.
- no longer contributing to petty drama
- distancing myself from negative people
- if i have a bad day rather then eat my emotions i’m going to run it off, take a nice long bubble bath, do some yoga, etc. anything to calm me down. i feel like i’ve been stress eating a lot lately.
- setting goals for myself. it feels amazing to accomplish something you’ve been wanting to do.

can you just choose to be happy? i don’t know but i’m going to try.

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I somehow managed to turn down ice cream and a delicious looking red velvet cupcake today at the beach?!?! Slowly getting back on track. Treats will always be there. No need to overdo it everyday (need to remember this).

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today went surprisingly well :) i didn’t eat any timbits, donuts, cookies, muffins, etc at work! i did have a small ice coffee. didn’t put in the HFCS base though haha. just cream and coffee.

tomorrow i’m going to the beach so i’m going to pack a bar and bring some fruits and veggies. was going to bring a sandwich but i don’t know how well that will hold up even in a lunch bag so i think i’ll just try to make a healthy choice for supper idk. we’re going to some fish fry but i don’t like fish soooo i’m just going to be hanging out on the beach instead haha.

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before anyone asks, i’m going to do no processed sugar september (maybe) instead of this month. i’m obviously still not going to eat donuts, cookies, other junk 24/7 but right now it was too restrictive for me trying to get back on track.

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starting over

no, not blog-wise.
just resetting my whole healthy fitness thing back to day one.
i’ve been thinking all day about how lazy i’ve gotten. not just exercise wise but in general. i hardly ever make “real” meals anymore. i’ve been skipping lunch not because i don’t want to eat but just because i don’t feel like making anything? i make the excuse that i don’t have time to because i have to get ready for work but i just need to time manage better. lately (by lately i mean these past few months) i definitely haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables. i’ve been a carb-a-holic. i’m back to eating things without checking the ingredients. then when i do see there is some bad things in there i often just say “oh well it won’t hurt me.” it won’t but when i’m doing it a couple times a day it becomes a problem. so moderation is becoming not so moderation.

you know when you just have these kinds of thoughts though?
the what the hell am i doing kind of thoughts? i am fully capable of being healthy. i was before, i can be now. i have lost 30lbs, gained 15lbs, lost 40lbs, gained 60lbs and now i’ve lost 40lbs+ and i’ve been maintaining-ish. which is better then gaining but if i’ve lost weight and gotten healthier many times before there’s no reason i can’t do the same now. i’m just concerned because i know i’m heading down a bad road again. i know i’ve gained a couple pounds. not enough to matter because my clothes still fit fine, but still it’s because i’m not being healthy. i’m not eating right the majority of the time. i’m slacking with my workouts. i’m not even too concerned about how much i weigh but more about how i feel. right now i feel gross and i need to change. i just want to be that person who cares about their health again. i miss her.

day one tomorrow!

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how about you stop asking me what my weight is
and why i haven’t lost any weight
and why i’m not doing this or that like stop it

I DO NOT CARE WHAT MY WEIGHT IS. no i don’t want to gain any weight (obviously) but i’m not focusing on losing weight at the moment. i’m trying to eat healthy and exercise because i love it not because i want to lose a few lbs. i am pretty happy with myself right now. i’m just barely getting over a bad sinus infection/lung infection so no i haven’t been running either.

okay now that we’ve got that cleared up…

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so i ended up sucking it up and calling in sick.
whatev. i called in at 6:00am because i know they get angry when people call last minute so i gave them plenty of time to find someone for my 1-10pm shift. i really didn’t want to miss a shift because $ but i know staying at home and resting is best. i have tomorrow off so hopefully by tuesday i’ll be feeling so much better. i just didn’t want to go into work today feeling fine but then an hour later feeling so sick.

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spend 4 hours waiting in the hospital~
spend 5 minutes in the actual room with a doctor………….
lol that was pointless. i’ve been having ear and sinus like pains for so long and i couldn’t get into the doctors for weeks so i decided just to go to the hospital. the doctor checked my ears and they’re fine?????? so he thinks it’s TMJ GRRRRREAT. i looked it up and it makes sense because i have so many of the symptoms. i knew there was no way i could be having earaches for months because they didn’t feel like my regular eachaches.

idk so now i have to make a doctors appointment for her to check my sinuses and a dentist appointment boo.

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