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super glad i picked up that extra shift today.
i didn’t want to because 1) it’s my day off and 2) 8am, morning is not my thing. my regular shift is 3pm so i usually sleep in lol. but it went by super quickly, it was only 5 hours, and extra $. so i’m happy. now i have the rest of the day off to do nothing. might go biking later depending on how tired i am. i could use a nap now but i’m going to try to hold off so i can fall asleep early tonight.


honestly exhausted. 
it’s 3:48am and i just got home from work at 3:30am. my manager asked if me and my boyfriend would stay after work tonight and tomorrow night to clean the ceilings, lights, and walls since head office is coming tuesday and it hasn’t been done in a VERY long time. it was disgusting and we’re not even halfway done. so much dust and i don’t even know what. we did it tonight after our usual shift from 11pm-3:00am and we’re almost halfway. so i worked 3:00pm-3:00am and now i’m off to bed and waking up at 9:00am to work at the fair from 10:00am-2:30pm then going to work at tims from 3:00pm-3:00am again. then working 12:00pm-11:00pm sunday UGH I REGRET PICKING UP SO MANY HOURS BUT AT THE SAME TIME I KNOW IT’S WORTH IT. just have to get through this and then i have thanksgiving off, tuesday, and then next week :) 


sooooo i don’t have a day off from work until tuesday lol i’m going to be so worn out. at least today and thursday i’m working at the fair booth from 4pm-9:30pm so i basically get to sit there and get paid for selling newspaper subscriptions and eating good food. i’m also working at the fair on thanksgiving buuuut i’m done at 4:00pm so home just in time for dinner :) SO EXCITED FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER UGH TURKEY, BUTTERNUT SQUASH GIMMIE. 

okay it’s 3:03am and i don’t even know why i typed this out idk 
goodnight xo

charging my watch than going on a bike ride :) 
i’m aiming for 7 miles. i’m trying to run/bike/walk 100 miles by halloween. i’m 6 miles in so far from biking to work on the 1st and 2nd so this will put me at 13 miles. me and my boyfriend were also going to bike to a town on the trans-canada trail and that round trip will be 43 miles! so i’d be more than halfway with that trip. 


- just have to get through a 7 hour shift then i have the weekend off :) 
- oh and i biked 6 miles these past few days from biking to work! 
- got my order from christianbooks in the mail. super quick shipping?! i ordered it sunday night and it got here thursday around noon. i wasn’t expecting it until around monday? i’ll post about what i got tomorrow. 
- i’ve ate very crappy these past few days. like 90% carbs and i feel gross. so i’m going to try really hard to get my shit together tomorrow. i’m tired of being on track for a week then falling off for a couple of weeks and so on and so on. 
- the county fair starts next week! super excited. 

g o o d n i g h t xo

today’s plans include : 
- watching rookie blue. i haven’t in a while… that plus pretty little liars.
- laying around in bed enjoying my day off before i’m in for the weekend.
- i was going to bake some carrot cake oatmeal cookies buuut i read that it’s better if you cool the dough so i might buy the things tomorrow and make the dough, refrigerate them and bake them saturday morning. 
- do some reading? get into the bible again because i’ve been slacking. 

basically a perfect day of doing not a whole lot and i love it. 

today was fab *

- had an orthodontist appointment in the morning and they basically said surgery is probably not necessary. WHICH IS IMPORTANT because i can’t afford it i bet. i still have to crank my palatal expander until my next appointment nov. 10th and then we’ll see where it goes from there… i just can’t wait to get my top braces on. 

- went out for lunch with a couple friends i haven’t seen in a while. i got a yummy whole wheat linguine pasta with roasted red peppers & onion so good. made sure to get a half order because i totally got cheesecake afterwards awyeah.

- me and my boyfriend drove to turkey point provincial park to do a lil hiking. we did about 4 miles but it felt like a lot more because of all the hills. it was so beautiful and nice. we were so tired after the hike that we had a 30 minute nap in his car before leaving the park haha. 

- afterwards we got pita pit and i got the southwest chicken which was bomb.

so basically today was filled with good food and good times :)  

finishing an episode of orange is the new black then working out! today will be my third day in a row working out which is super exciting because i can’t remember the last time i worked out consistently. 

also, i had the most bro breakfast ever. 
the rest of my steak from last night & scrambled eggs haha. 

going to go get a quick workout in before i have to go pick my sister up in burlington with my mom. i know if i don’t workout today it’ll be harder to tomorrow. i need to keep up a proper schedule (with days off of course but only when needed.) 

craving chinese food so hard right now. so i’m currently trying to make my own beef with broccoli. using this like she said in this post i find a lot of chinese take out they overcook the veggies so much and it’s just not very good for you in general so i figure it’ll be a bit healthier to make my own. it’s hard to make it taste exactly like takeout though so we’ll see how it turns out! 

i just went grocery shopping and i made good choices haha. 
i decided a while back that every time i go i’d buy oneeeeee treat, not 10 to have sometime during the week. today i bought a mini version of the haagen dazs peanut butter chocolate which is my favourite ice cream. it was on sale for $1.99 which is expensive considering the size but better than $8.99 for a tub i know i’ll eat in one sitting. i don’t trust myself around junk food right now lol. i bought a lot of veggies, greek yogurt, english muffins for breakfast sandwiches (i’m addicted lately and it’s so much cheaper than going out buying one for breakfast!), chicken for my work dinners, and some other good things. super happy. 

tim hortons is basically the ideal broke college student job.
not only do you get tips (i make $5-10 daily so there’s almost an extra hour of pay) + minimum wage (or more) but if you work afternoons there are throw outs you can have for free. donuts, cookies, bagels, muffins, etc. i mean it’s not very healthy but there are healthier choices. we had a lot of sandwich buns left over tonight so i made myself a turkey sandwich to have tomorrow for lunch. since the bread and meat were throw outs = free. free is always awesome when you’re trying to save money.

i do know it depends on the owner though. one of my friends works at a tim hortons across town and the owner doesn’t allow them to take food that is garbage home. 

day 1 of getting my health back

* so yesterday was my first “real” workout in a while. 
went on a 2 mile run which was 75% walking haha but that’s okay because i still pushed myself to run as much as possible. my legs felt it this morning so i must have still had a good run. when i got home i did a couple tone it up arm videos. 

* last night was also the first night in so long where i didn’t eat a bunch of junk before bed. i was hungry so i ate an apple and had a slice of swiss wrapped with a slice of turkey. it felt nice to wake up without a tummy ache.

* today is off to a pretty good start.
i just had brunch which was 3 eggs with onion, turkey bacon, and an english muffin with peanut butter. plus iced coffee with just milk, no sugary base. going to try to start drinking my coffee as plain as possible because i’ve been drinking those super sugary “coffees” daily. so i’ll make those a once a week thing maybe.

* me and my boyfriend were going to go on a bike ride today but i think it might rain so we’re going to postpone that since we were going to bike on the trail to the next town. we’re hanging out at 5pm and it’s only 1:30pm so there’s no reason i can’t get a workout in before hanging out with him! plenty of time for a shower afterwards too. i’m thinking just the elliptical and maybe a different tone it up video? 

* when i get home tonight i’m going to make a quinoa salad to take to work for supper tomorrow and the weekend. basically just quinoa, beans, green onion, cilantro, olive oil, lime, red pepper, cumin, and chicken breast. 

feeling pretty motivated this time around so hoping it sticks.

i think i’m going to find a way to incoporate more vegetarian/vegan food in my diet. not those gross fake meats&cheese but just not eat as much meat. i don’t know about ever being a vegetarian… but right now this feels right to just limit what i’ve been eating. i mostly eat chicken and rarely other meats but 1) i could save money if i didn’t buy so much chicken. it’s actually really expensive. i pay about $17 avg for 4 chicken breasts like what 2) more variety! i eat chicken so much so a change will be nice. i’m also cutting back on diary products because i feel like they’re irritating my stomach lately. yogurt i’m fine with but if i have a bowl of cereal with milk i feel blah afterwards. so mostly just limiting milk. 

i really want to go to school.
i miss school. i know how much it sucks because stress but i feel like so many people take school for granted. you’re paying thousands of dollars a year and you’re wasting the opportunity because you’re skipping classes because you’re hungover. not saying you can’t ever party but if you’re paying to fail classes what are you even doing. 

no but seriously i think i’m going to look into going to school next year for sure. 

soo yesterday was my healthiest day yet! i ate really good and i even exercised. lately usually i do one or the other haha. except i ended up skipping supper and didn’t eat until i got home from work at 11:30pm because we were so busy. i ended up eating some pasta thing sooooo there goes that. 

my motivation to be healthy definitely fades as the day goes on.
need to find a way to fix this because from when i wake up - around 7pm or so i do pretty dang good. then i end up snacking and it just goes down hill lol.