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finishing an episode of orange is the new black then working out! today will be my third day in a row working out which is super exciting because i can’t remember the last time i worked out consistently. 

also, i had the most bro breakfast ever. 
the rest of my steak from last night & scrambled eggs haha. 

going to go get a quick workout in before i have to go pick my sister up in burlington with my mom. i know if i don’t workout today it’ll be harder to tomorrow. i need to keep up a proper schedule (with days off of course but only when needed.) 

craving chinese food so hard right now. so i’m currently trying to make my own beef with broccoli. using this like she said in this post i find a lot of chinese take out they overcook the veggies so much and it’s just not very good for you in general so i figure it’ll be a bit healthier to make my own. it’s hard to make it taste exactly like takeout though so we’ll see how it turns out! 

i just went grocery shopping and i made good choices haha. 
i decided a while back that every time i go i’d buy oneeeeee treat, not 10 to have sometime during the week. today i bought a mini version of the haagen dazs peanut butter chocolate which is my favourite ice cream. it was on sale for $1.99 which is expensive considering the size but better than $8.99 for a tub i know i’ll eat in one sitting. i don’t trust myself around junk food right now lol. i bought a lot of veggies, greek yogurt, english muffins for breakfast sandwiches (i’m addicted lately and it’s so much cheaper than going out buying one for breakfast!), chicken for my work dinners, and some other good things. super happy. 

tim hortons is basically the ideal broke college student job.
not only do you get tips (i make $5-10 daily so there’s almost an extra hour of pay) + minimum wage (or more) but if you work afternoons there are throw outs you can have for free. donuts, cookies, bagels, muffins, etc. i mean it’s not very healthy but there are healthier choices. we had a lot of sandwich buns left over tonight so i made myself a turkey sandwich to have tomorrow for lunch. since the bread and meat were throw outs = free. free is always awesome when you’re trying to save money.

i do know it depends on the owner though. one of my friends works at a tim hortons across town and the owner doesn’t allow them to take food that is garbage home. 

day 1 of getting my health back

* so yesterday was my first “real” workout in a while. 
went on a 2 mile run which was 75% walking haha but that’s okay because i still pushed myself to run as much as possible. my legs felt it this morning so i must have still had a good run. when i got home i did a couple tone it up arm videos. 

* last night was also the first night in so long where i didn’t eat a bunch of junk before bed. i was hungry so i ate an apple and had a slice of swiss wrapped with a slice of turkey. it felt nice to wake up without a tummy ache.

* today is off to a pretty good start.
i just had brunch which was 3 eggs with onion, turkey bacon, and an english muffin with peanut butter. plus iced coffee with just milk, no sugary base. going to try to start drinking my coffee as plain as possible because i’ve been drinking those super sugary “coffees” daily. so i’ll make those a once a week thing maybe.

* me and my boyfriend were going to go on a bike ride today but i think it might rain so we’re going to postpone that since we were going to bike on the trail to the next town. we’re hanging out at 5pm and it’s only 1:30pm so there’s no reason i can’t get a workout in before hanging out with him! plenty of time for a shower afterwards too. i’m thinking just the elliptical and maybe a different tone it up video? 

* when i get home tonight i’m going to make a quinoa salad to take to work for supper tomorrow and the weekend. basically just quinoa, beans, green onion, cilantro, olive oil, lime, red pepper, cumin, and chicken breast. 

feeling pretty motivated this time around so hoping it sticks.

i think i’m going to find a way to incoporate more vegetarian/vegan food in my diet. not those gross fake meats&cheese but just not eat as much meat. i don’t know about ever being a vegetarian… but right now this feels right to just limit what i’ve been eating. i mostly eat chicken and rarely other meats but 1) i could save money if i didn’t buy so much chicken. it’s actually really expensive. i pay about $17 avg for 4 chicken breasts like what 2) more variety! i eat chicken so much so a change will be nice. i’m also cutting back on diary products because i feel like they’re irritating my stomach lately. yogurt i’m fine with but if i have a bowl of cereal with milk i feel blah afterwards. so mostly just limiting milk. 

i really want to go to school.
i miss school. i know how much it sucks because stress but i feel like so many people take school for granted. you’re paying thousands of dollars a year and you’re wasting the opportunity because you’re skipping classes because you’re hungover. not saying you can’t ever party but if you’re paying to fail classes what are you even doing. 

no but seriously i think i’m going to look into going to school next year for sure. 

soo yesterday was my healthiest day yet! i ate really good and i even exercised. lately usually i do one or the other haha. except i ended up skipping supper and didn’t eat until i got home from work at 11:30pm because we were so busy. i ended up eating some pasta thing sooooo there goes that. 

my motivation to be healthy definitely fades as the day goes on.
need to find a way to fix this because from when i wake up - around 7pm or so i do pretty dang good. then i end up snacking and it just goes down hill lol. 

well this weekend has been absolutely terrible with eating healthy and moving. haagen dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream, carrot cake, big bowl of pasta, and just pure junk. minus the pineapple which was probably the healthiest thing i’ve ate this weekend haha. i don’t feel well because of all the crap i’ve ate. yesterday i would say i practically binged which hasn’t happened in so long. whatever it’s over. lesson learned lol.

the good news is i’m not ending it on a bad note because i just went on the elliptical and did a tone it up video to get my motivation back for monday. i’m now going to go for a swim because i think the next couple of days are supposed to be crappy. 

bad body image days suck and should not exist 

well, my aunt that has been battling cancer for about 15 years now off and on passed away yesterday. i’m really sad and feel guilty about not visiting her while she was very sick because i haven’t seen her in a while. my parents are telling me it’s for the best because she looked so ill and not herself. it’s still hard though. i had a really good talk with my boyfriend last night though and i feel okay with what has happened. she has been in pain for so many years and while i’d much rather her be here she’s so much better off. 

feelin’ pretty fab

- worked an extra shift today. there’s an extra 6 hours woo~ 
- had my fav wrap for supper (grilled chicken, sweet chili thai sauce, cucumber, spinach) yum it tastes just like the mcdonald’s one. 
- biked 7 miles awyeah~ pretty good considering yesterday i only biked 2 miles and before that i hadn’t biked for well over a week. i always forget how good i feel after i bike so don’t know why i stop for a bit. 
- currently eating a mango fruttare bar and watching rookie blue


today was a good day off

* work up at 5:45am and biked to the field because it was foggy&pretty
* fell back asleep until noon 
* retail therapy retail therapy retail therapy 

now the rest of the night i’m going to be out on the pool deck reading. actually, around 9 once it cools off a bit more i might go on a bike ride? yup.

so i’ve been paranoid about not getting butterflies when i kiss him anymore. i mean i guess i kind of do and i really do like him but i’ve been trying to talk myself out of dating him just because i’m not super nervous around him which must mean i don’t like him anymore?! silliness then i read this i just realized i got butterflies so much in the beginning (back in november) because it wasn’t the right timing. i was constantly checking my phone because he was iffy about texting me back, ever haha then i’d get super excited when he would. 

idk anyone get what i’m saying?
i reallllly do like him but it feels weird to not be nervous around him. i’m so used to messing up what i’m saying or doing dumb things around guys but i’m 110% comfortable around him. so why do i think that’s a bad thing? also i think i’m content right now because when he broke up with me in december i was heart broken so i have wanted him since then and now that we’re finally back together as of a week ago) i feel weird? like it’s not real? i d k what i’m even saying. rambling over. i just hate that i’m trying to talk myself out of liking him because of something dumb.

kinda like no one from work knowing we’re dating. 
everyone has been asking us for the past month if we were back together even though he just asked me on the 13th lol. but i swear everyone treats your relationship like it’s their business and just constantly gossip so it’s probably best we keep it hush for a little bit. last time we were together people just constantly asked me things and i just no i can’t be bothered. i just went in to get my mom a coffee and one of my supervisors was like “oh just visiting your boyfriend?” “boyfriend??? nope i had to get my mom a coffee” ha ha haaaa.