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- shawn johnson

- shawn johnson

first run in months βœ…πŸ‘ŸπŸ’• #run #running #fitness #ryangosling #mybodyhatesmeforstopping

first run in months βœ…πŸ‘ŸπŸ’• #run #running #fitness #ryangosling #mybodyhatesmeforstopping

well off on my first run in months let’s see how this goesΒ 

my legs after 1 mile run πŸ‘Ÿ + 10 mile bike ride 🚲 ft lots of hills + TIU video πŸ’ͺ i needed this. #fitness #health #livehealthy #biking #running #tiu #toneitup #getstrong #workout #cardioishardio #jellololol

my legs after 1 mile run πŸ‘Ÿ + 10 mile bike ride 🚲 ft lots of hills + TIU video πŸ’ͺ i needed this. #fitness #health #livehealthy #biking #running #tiu #toneitup #getstrong #workout #cardioishardio #jellololol

trail run πŸŒΈπŸ‘ŸπŸŒΏπŸŒž #running #nike #nikeshoes #nature #runwild

trail run πŸŒΈπŸ‘ŸπŸŒΏπŸŒž #running #nike #nikeshoes #nature #runwild

run #22 

so i went even though i didn’t really want to.
it’s only -3Β°C outside, raining a tiny bit, and it’s my time of the month (joy).
so i got cramps 5 minutes in but i kept pushing myself. it feels amazing when i can push through it now. i know when to stop when i really need to vs when i just want to. i definitely need to invest in a winter running jacket though because just a hoodie is not cutting it anymore now that it’s colder.Β 

distance - 1 mile
time - 12:49 (yay back into the 12:00’s again and basically hit my best time again which was 12:48. my last run was 13:32)
best pace - 8:11 
calories - 102

:) :) :) :)

so remember my last run a few days ago when i broke into the 13:00’s? well today i beat that time :) i was feeling super motivated. even though it’s freezing outside i pushed myself. my first run on this route i had 14:36 and my worst run was 16:25 so i’m really happy with this.

time - 12:47 IN THE 12’S OH MY GOSH YES (p.s that is just over a minute shaved off since my last run…. my last time was 13:48. new best mile time!)
distance - 1 mile
best pace - 8:00 min/mile
calories - 115

i think every other run though i’m going to go on a longer one. i’ve been running (pretty) regularly since the end of june. i did have a long 2-3 week break i just came back from because of my foot… but i think i might alternate between 1, 2 and 3 miles.

run #15 

literally drenched in sweat. i accidentally wore my thermal tights when it’s still 27c out and 10pm lol oops. oh well i needed a good sweat!

time - 14:53 (20 seconds longer than the other days run oops)
distance - 1 mile
avg speed - 14:54
best pace - 6:09
calories - 131 

okay so my new goal for the end of september is to make it into the 13:00’s. i’ll even take 13:59! haha for this same run. i’ve shortened my run to a mile rather than 1.5 just until i see some improvement. i feel like a shorter run might be better for me to improve? idk.

i’m so in love with this shirt

i’m so in love with this shirt

run #12 :)

today i had my best time and best average pace yet! i could have probably pushed myself into the 22:00’s but i honestly pushed myself until i knew i had to slow down. so this is the time i ended up with and i’m happy with it.

distance - 1.6 miles
time - 23:12 (yesterdays time was 24:24 and my best time before this was 23:57!)
avg pace - 14:30 (OMG best pace too. before this my best average pace was 15:22 so that’s almost a minute shaved off. yesterdays average pace was 15:53 whaaat)
calories - 187

i’m happy really happy with today’s run. i’m slowly getting better and better and it feels good. my goal by the end of september is to get my time down to 19:00’s (i’ll even take 20:00’s) for this same route. i’m getting better at running more so i think i can do it!

run #11

number one rule of running, not every run will be a good one.
it’s not even always the time that makes it a good/bad one. today was bad just because my lungs aren’t used to exercising in cool air and tonight it was actually pretty cold. so it felt like i couldn’t breathe properly. then i got cramps AGAIN all throughout the run. this is only my 3rd run since i was off for a month so i think i just need to relearn how to breathe better.

it’s weird because my stats didn’t really “suffer?” my time was actually a few seconds faster then #10 (24:31)… i thought i was going to hit 30:00 for sure because i walked a lot.
distance - 1.6
time - 24:24
avg pace - 15:53 min/mile
calories - 146

run #8

i tried to get into the 23:00’s today but i didn’t quite make it.
so close! my best time was run #7 and it was 24:00. i haven’t ran since july 8th so i wasn’t expecting this good of a time actually. i did have a bit of shin pain today and that makes me kind of nervous…. so tomorrow i’m going to take it easy and swim all day :)

distance - 1.6 miles
time - 24:20
avg pace - 15:35 min/mile
calories - 168

run #7

and this was after not running for 3 days so i’m pretty happy.

distance - 1.6 miles
time - 24:00 
avg pace - 15:22 min/mile
calories - 189

my previous best time was 24:30.
so to compare when i first ran this route my time was 26:31! ahhhh.
i also ran so much more tonight. when i was running i was actually able to push myself until i knew i definitely had to stop and walk. it felt so good. i think tomorrow night i’m going to try to get in the 23:00’s. just to set a little goal for myself and motivate me to run more/walk faster.